Springhead Special School Case Study

Springhead Special School Case Study Case Study

Springhead Special School, North Yorkshire

Product: The Devoke
Size: 14.7m x 3.6m
Additional Options: Powder Coated Gentian Blue (RAL 5010)
Estimated Value: £18,500

Springhead Special School 
required a free standing canopy to be installed on their school grounds in North Yorkshire.

The head teacher at the school contacted Able Canopies and explained that they were interested in a free standing canopy, yet the product would have to be installed onto decking so they were unsure as to what canopy would be most suitable. They were interested in the Grange Free Standing Mono-Pitch and the Devoke Free Standing Canopy.

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A full site survey was arranged and the Able Canopies Surveyor explained that either of the preferred canopies could be installed at the site and so the school requested a quotation for a Devoke and one quotation for a Grange as well.

After receiving the two quotations, the school decided to go ahead with the Devoke Free Standing Canopy. The canopy was altered slightly from the standard Devoke as it was being installed within an area with decking. The solution was to remove the decking that was already in place and install the canopy under the decking and extend the canopy legs to allow for the height lost below the decking. This ensured that once the decking re-installed the underside height of the canopy was the same as originally specified.

There were no problems during or after the installation and the staff at the school was satisfied with their new canopy and the work carried out by Able Canopies.

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