Stables Market Case Study

Stables Market Case Study Case Study

Stables Market, London

Product: x30 Commercial Awnings
Frame Colour: Window Grey (RAL 7040)
Fabric Colour: Raspberry (3-598)
Sizes: Various (between 2m x 1m and 5m x 1m)
Estimated Value: £79,000
Installed: December 2014 and April 2015 (two phases)

The Brief
Adcrest Ltd. is an electrical contracting company that was working on a new refurbishment project for Stables Market in Camden, London. Stables Market was in need of a number of new commercial awnings to provide weather protection to the entrances of their shops.

They had existing awnings in place that had been there for a number of years and were no longer fit for purpose and therefore needed replacing.

The Solution
Able Canopies Ltd. offer a number of commercial awnings that are perfect for busy, well used environments. They can be electronically or hand operated to suit the user and are available in a wide range of construction and fabric colours.

Both Adcrest and the owner of Stables Market liked the appearance and benefits of our awnings and felt they would suite their setting perfectly.

They ordered x30 manually operated awnings with 1 metre projections, so they would all look uniform once open. The awnings were ordered in different lengths varying from 2m to 5m to enable them to fit the different lengths of the shops.

All of the awnings were finished in the same frame and fabric colours, again for a smart, co-ordinating appearance. The fabric colour chosen was a vibrant yet supplicated Raspberry and the frame colour was Window Grey (RAL 7040) which matched the fabric colour perfectly.

The awnings were installed in two phases during the night time to avoid disruption to the daily running of the market. A night time installation enabled the businesses to stay open and avoid any disruption or loss of custom during their regular opening hours.

The first phase included 13 awnings that were installed over 3 nights in December 2014, and the second phase included the installation of 17 awnings that were installed over 4 nights in April 2015.

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