Trinity Road Primary School – Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies

Trinity Road Primary School – Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies

In 2023, Trinity Road Primary School in Chelmsford, Essex were undergoing a renovation with Morgan Sindall which included the construction of a new block and the addition of two canopies.

As part of the project, we supplied and installed two wall mounted canopies over two phases to add shade and shelter to the school.

The architects specified aluminium wall mounted canopies in their original drawings and fortunately, our Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies matched the specifications perfectly.

We therefore installed the first phase in July 2023 which was a 2.7 m x 1.3m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy and then in September 2023 we returned to site to install phase two which was another 9.5m x 3.7m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

The larger canopy featured wall mounted brackets because the heigh of the building was lower than the height that the back of the canopy needed to be, we also therefore reversed the pitch so it was still inclined and to avoid the wall plates of the canopy being too high against the building.

Alongside the renovations and additions that Morgan Sindall added to the school as a result of the project, they now also have ample shade and shelter above one of their entrances and the reception classroom enabling both students and staff to engage in outdoor learning and play, regardless of the weather.

Installation Details: 

Contractors: Morgan Sindall

Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy: 

Size: 2.7m x 1.3m

Canopy Colour: Iron Grey RAL 7011

Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy with Brackets:

Size: 9.5m x 3.7m

Canopy Colour: Hipca White RAL 9910

Installed at:
Trinity Road Primary School
Trinity Road

Installation Date: September 2023

Here’s what Trinity Road Primary School had to say about Able Canopies:
Service: Excellent
Installation: Excellent
Product: Excellent
Would you recommend us? Yes

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