Square Commercial Umbrellas

Square Commercial Umbrellas

Square commercial umbrellas are modern shade and shelter structures that provide the weather protection required whilst modernising your outside area. They can be used as a school canopy for covered dining areas, waiting areas, playground shelters and outdoor classrooms. They are also perfect as shop canopies to extend your outside selling space and hospitality and leisure canopies to provide shade and shelter to outdoor dining areas, queuing areas and outdoor audience spaces.

Our square umbrellas are all high strength, commercial structures that are permanent, waterproof umbrellas. A number of products within our range are also foldable and can be closed when your premises is closed, avoiding vandalism.

Benefits of a Square Commercial Umbrella

  • Modern Umbrellas – Our umbrellas are modern structures that fit in with any outside environment, either fitting in perfectly or modernising traditional areas
  • Strong and Durable – Our commercial umbrellas are made from high strength materials for ultimate strength and longevity
  • Permanent Umbrellas – Our commercial umbrellas are permeant structures that are fixed into the ground and have been created to withstand the UK weather throughout all seasons
  • Waterproof Fabric – All our square umbrellas are covered with high strength waterproof fabric that is designed for outdoor use all year round
  • High UV Protection – All structures vary, however most fabrics offer high UV protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, creating pleasant and cool, shaded areas underneath
  • Colour Options – The frames and fabrics of our permanent umbrellas are available in a wide range of colours so your new shelter can fit in seamlessly
  • Easy to Maintain – Our permanent umbrellas are easy to maintain, keeping them looking newer for longer and also saving you time and money
  • Up to a 10 Year Guarantee – All umbrellas hold different guarantees ranging up to 5 years, with life expectancies up to 25 years.

Square Commercial Umbrellas systems