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Shopping Trolley Shelters

Shopping Trolley Shelters

Trolley shelters enable you to store your trolleys in designated areas; this not only makes your outside space much tidier and safer, it also encourages customer to return their trolleys to the preferred area if it is easily identified as a shelter.

A trolley shelter will also keep trolleys dry when it is raining which is a great benefit to shoppers in not getting themselves, their shopping or reusable bags soaked.

Our trolley shelters are all high quality structures that have been designed for use within busy retail areas. The Darcy Trolley Shelter is covered with toughened safety glass which gives it a high class finish and is strong and robust.

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Darcy Shopping Trolley Shelter
Darcy Shopping Trolley Shelter The Darcy Shopping Trolley Shelter is a cost effective shelter that offers a stylish place to store your trolleys whilst keeping them protected from the elements.
Ainsley Trolley Shelter
Ainsley Trolley Shelter The Ainsley Trolley Shelter features an attractive mono-pitch roof design and is covered with a choice of clear glass or polycarbonate panels.

Why Should I Invest in a Trolley Shelter?

  • Keeps trolleys dry and sheltered – including integrated baby/child seats and avoids your customer’s shopping and bags from getting wet
  • Keep your car park safer and tidier with a designated area for shopping trolleys
  • Trolley shelters encourage customers to return their trolleys rather than leave them by their car
  • Available in a range of sizes to store a small number of trolleys up to much larger quantities