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Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Commercial Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas are perfect for creating shade and shelter for those that do not wish to have a centre post for any reason. They allow you to add outside furniture of any design under your umbrella or simply to keep the area underneath undisturbed.

Our cantilevered umbrellas are high-strength commercial grade structures that are permanently installed into the ground and are constructed from materials that are designed for outdoor use all year round. The fabric is waterproof and therefore protects from not only harmful UV rays, but also downpours of rain.

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Keswick Cantilever Umbrella
Keswick Cantilever Umbrella The Keswick Cantilever Umbrella is a permanent waterproof umbrella structure which is ideal for many applications such as covered outdoor picnic and seating areas within the education, retail and hospitality sectors
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commercial umbrella guide

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Benefits of a Cantilevered Commercial Umbrella

  • No Center Post – Because the post is at the side, the area under the umbrella is free for your planned use
  • Balanced Design – Our cantilever umbrellas have the perfect balance of mode whilst still having a contemporary umbrella appearance, making them perfect for both modern and traditional settings
  • Strong Construction – Our commercial umbrellas are made from robust materials that are carefully chosen for strength and longevity
  • Permanent Installation – They are permanently installed into the ground, reducing the risk of theft, wind damage and to save you moving them into storage of an evening
  • Waterproof Fabric – Our cantilevered umbrellas are covered with waterproof fabric, keeping those underneath protected from the rain and extending the use of your outside area
  • High UV Protection – The fabric also protects from high levels of UV rays, keeping those underneath cool and shaded
  • Choice of Colour – Both the fabric and frames can be supplied in a wide range of colours to compliment or contrast with your outside setting
  • Easy to Maintain – Our permanent umbrellas are easy to maintain, keeping them looking newer for longer and also saving you time and money
  • Up to a 25 Year Life Expectancy - Our umbrellas are supplied with up to a 25 year life expectancy, depending on the structure chosen.

Cantilevered Umbrella Case Study

School Umbrella Canopy - CantileveredBordesley Village Primary School, West Midlands
Bordesley Village Primary School required a canopy for their playground. The schools’ Business Manager contacted Able Canopies via email requesting information on their Tensile Free Standing Canopies. Click to read more: Cantilevered School Umbrella Case Study

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