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Collapsible Umbrellas

Collapsible Commercial Umbrellas

Commercial Umbrellas are perfect for covering alfresco dining areas for restaurants, café’s, hotels and schools however, many business owners prefer not to leave their umbrella canopies open out of hours. That’s where collapsible umbrellas come in, they can be closed when not in use, avoiding the risk of vandalism.

Our collapsible umbrellas are commercial structures that are permanently installed and have therefore been designed to withstand the UK weather all year round, this also deters thieves as they are installed into the ground.

Collapsible umbrellas create a cooling shade in the summer, making outside dining much more pleasant and shelter from the rain during the colder months, keeping those underneath dry and comfortable. Heaters and lighting can also be added to the Richmond and the Drayton umbrellas to extend the use of your collapsible umbrellas into the night and throughout the Winter.

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Blenheim Umbrella
Blenheim Umbrella The Blenheim Umbrella is a cost effective, high strength shade structure that can be opened and closed as and when required. It is perfect for creating shade and shelter for many organisations including schools, pubs & restaurants...
Drayton Umbrella
Drayton Umbrella The Drayton is a waterproof, commercial umbrella that can fold down when not in use. It is available in three shapes: round, square and rectangular and can cover areas from 4 to 27 square metres.
Richmond Umbrella
Richmond Umbrella The Richmond is a reinforced waterproof umbrella that has been designed for exposed and windy locations and can fold down when not in use. Available in 3 shapes: round, square and rectangular, it can cover areas from 7 to 50 square metres.
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commercial umbrella guide

Free Umbrella Guide Download

Download our practical Umbrella Guide here. It will help you compare the options for each of our umbrellas and make an informed choice.

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Benefits of a Collapsible Umbrella

  • Reduces the Risk of Vandalism – Because they can be folded down out of hours, the temptation to vandals will be reduced as they won’t be as noticeable
  • Reduces the Risk of Theft – A they are permanently installed into the ground, they cannot be stolen, unlike standard table umbrellas
  • Strong & Robust Design – Our collapsible umbrellas are commercial grade structures that are much stronger than inferior table umbrellas that blow over in the wind
  • Permanent Installation – Our umbrellas are installed into the ground for use all year round
  • Waterproof Fabric – As these are permanent umbrellas, they are covered with waterproof fabric to keep those underneath dry
  • Complimenting Design – The subtle designs of our folding umbrellas enable them to fit in perfectly with both modern and traditional settings
  • High UV Protection – Depending on the structure chosen, the fabric offers high UV protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, creating pleasant and cool, shaded areas underneath
  • Wide Range of Colour Options – The frames and fabrics are available in a wide range of colours so your new commercial umbrella can fit in with your outside area seamlessly
  • Up to a 5 Year Guarantee - All umbrellas hold different guarantees ranging up to 10 years.

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