Park Community Primary School

Tarnhow Mono Pitch Free Standing Canopy - Park Community Primary SchoolPark Community Primary School, Clwyd 

roduct: x1 Tarnhow Mono Free Standing Canopy
and x3 Tarnhow Curved Free Standing Canopies
Size: Mono: 11m x 3.5m
Curved: Three 10m x 3.5m
Estimated Value: £75,000
Council Involved: Wrexham Council

The Challenge

Park Community Primary School provides infant and primary education for over 250 children from the age of 3 to 11 years. Whilst in the process of building a new annexe at the school's site in Wrexham, the school identified a need for a number of canopies at various areas around the exterior of the building to provide shade and shelter for the pupils and staff.

These new canopies would provide a covered outside area that could be enjoyed all year round, whatever the weather. However, in order to provide effective cover when moving from inside the building to under the canopy, the structures needed to be curved to allow them to follow the curved shape of the building. Furthermore, the school was not keen on the aesthetics of a metal framed structure and so required an alternative material to be used for the framework.

The project contractor's, Harry Fairclough Construction, contacted Able Canopies' North office and offered them the opportunity to submit a quotation, after receiving a recommendation from Wrexham Council about the leading canopy company. Wrexham Council recommended Able Canopies as the canopy experts had successfully installed many canopies of all shapes and sizes throughout the county for Wrexham Council previously and from this a strong business relationship had developed.

The Solution
Tarnhow Mono Pitch Free Standing Canopy - Park Community Primary SchoolAs the school did not want a metal structure installed, Able Canopies recommended their new range of Tarnhow Canopies which are constructed from Glulam timber. Glulam timber is able to match many of the benefits that steel offers such as strength and durability, however it provides a more natural and tactile structure and the Able Canopies Design & Build Team suggested this would complement the new building well and provide the school with attractive yet hard wearing structures. Also due to the versatility of Glulam timber, the framework of Tarnhow canopies can easily be curved if required without compromising the strength of the framework, and so these canopies offered the perfect solution to the school's requirement for structures which could follow the shape of their new curved building.

Able Canopies provided drawings for both curved and faceted Tarnhow structures to give the client a choice of designs and after a number of discussions, the client felt it would be most suitable to go with three curved structures and one faceted structure. The final designs that were chosen were bespoke versions of the Tarnhow Mono Free Standing Canopy and the Tarnhow Free Standing Curved Canopy.

On seeing the final drawings supplied by Able Canopies, both the contractor and the school were very pleased and the project was awarded to Able Canopies because their Design & Build team were able to provide a sustainable timber shelter solution which benefited from a high quality roof.

The Tarnhow range is available with two different roof options: waterproof fabric tensile and 16mm multi-wall polycarbonate. The chosen roof for this project was the 16mm multi-wall polycarbonate which offers high UV protection, efficient heat insulation and has an effective resistance to critical weather conditions.

Tarnhow Mono Pitch Free Standing Canopy - Park Community Primary School

Due to the curve of the building the designs for the canopies were complex and required commitment from all concerned partners to ensure the structures were installed correctly. Due to the cooperation from all parties the installation of all four canopies was successful and the school is now reaping the benefits of these new covered outdoor areas.

The contractor for the job has continued to praise Able Canopies’ professionalism and dedication to the project both in terms of quality delivery and workmanship.

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