Ark Oval Primary Academy Case Study

Ark Oval Primary Academy, London

Product: The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Size: 35.2m x 5.8m - 4.91m
Optiona Extras: The Rainbow Package
Post Colours: Blue Lilac (RAL 4005), Traffic Red (RAL 3020) & Zinc Yellow (RAL 1018)
Installation Date: January 2014

The Brief
Ark Oval Primary Academy were in the process of having multiple works completed at their academy in Croydon, London which included a new build, re-surfacing the entire playground and various outside equipment including a new canopy.

Ark Oval Primary Academy - Playground Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd.They needed a large structure that would create cover for 3 classrooms and allow pupils to access the outdoors come rain or shine. They already had three canopies installed however, these were not providing the protection they required and therefore they wanted to replace them. They saw a canopy that we had previously installed at the nearby St John’s C of E (V.A) School in Croydon and felt that the canopy was exactly what they were looking for – but they just needed it on a larger scale!

The Solution
Once a site survey was completed, and our quotation was approved, we supplied a large Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy with a Rainbow Package.
Ark Oval Primary Academy - Playground Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd.
Above: Roof top view of what the canopy would look like (the wavy lines show the fencing).

Ark Oval Primary Academy - Playground Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd.The Coniston was the perfect solution for what Ark Oval Primary Academy wanted to achieve. It is a wall mounted canopy that is extremely versatile; the building that Ark Oval Primary Academy wanted the canopy fixed to was not completely straight, however the Coniston can be manufactured with valleys to enable the structure to follow the shape of the building creating a completely waterproof structure that fits a building like it was made for it!

The Rainbow package was added to brighten the canopy up with a colourful banner, coloured canopy posts and bright post pads – giving the canopy a fun colour scheme for the children to enjoy.

The installation was completed on schedule with no issues along the way. The staff at Ark Oval Primary Academy were very pleased with the canopy that completed their new outside area.

It was important to Ark Oval Primary Academy to get their pupils outside regularly in all weathers and to encourage them to enjoy the outdoor curriculum. The Coniston will now allow pupils to go outside whatever the weather, as it offers excellent shelter from the rain and high UV protection from the sun creating a cool shaded area when the sun is too hot to play and work under.

Ark Oval Primary Academy - Playground Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd.
Above: Finished Canopy Installation

Ark Oval Primary Academy - Before Playground Canopy Installation - Able Canopies Ltd. Ark Oval Primary Academy - After Playground Canopy Installation - Able Canopies Ltd.
Above: Before Canopy Installation Above: After Canopy instllation
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