Oakland's Secondary School 02

Bespoke Glass and Polycarbonate Wall Mounted Canopies at Oakland's Secondary School  Oakland's Secondary School, London 

Contractor: Bouygues (UK)
Architects: David Miller Architects
Product: Bespoke Glass & Polycarbonate Canopies

Size: Various
Estimated Value: £200,000

Able Canopies were commissioned by Bouygues (UK) Ltd to produce five bespoke canopies at Oaklands School in Tower Hamlets, London, one of which was a glass wall mounted canopy. Click here to read the free standing canopies case study.These canopy installations were part of a major Building Schools for Future (BSF) project managed by Bouygues (UK) Ltd to refurbish parts of the school and construct a new building at the site. The canopies were crucial to bringing the whole look and feel of the refurbished site together and so communication, teamwork and painstaking attention to detail were vitally important to ensure a successful installation.

The glass wall mounted canopy was designed to link the existing building with the new building at first floor level. In order to do this the canopy needed to be designed to incorporate two corner turns to allow it to follow the external front and side perimeter of the new build and then link across to the existing building.

The main contractor required the canopy to be fixed into place prior to rendering the wall, communication between all parties was crucial to achieve the correct bracket and flashing sizes for all these canopies to ensure the bolting into the wall was sufficiently covered by the finished external walls. Because the wall rendering on the new building differed in thickness the brackets supplied for each canopy had to be different and so all parts had to be numbered carefully to ensure the correct fixings were used for each canopy.

The canopy also presented another challenge, as the canopy was to be situated on the first floor and across an elevated walkway the posts had to be placed on a narrow brick wall which had a 15 metre drop the other side of it, this required meticulous checking of the measurements for these posts to ensure they landed onto the wall in the required place.

Bespoke Glass and Polycarbonate Wall Mounted Canopies at Oakland's Secondary School

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