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Timber Canopies

Timber Canopies

Our Tarnhow Wooden Canopies create a modern yet natural look and feel to your environment whilst providing you with a safe, sheltered area. Each Tarnhow Canopy is constructed from Glulam timber which is sustainable, durable, fire resistant to BS 5268 and energy efficient to produce.

Tarnhow canopies are one of our most popular canopy products due to their attractive natural timber finish, and they particularly suited to green areas such as public parks, golfing clubs, public gardens and nature reserves. View our video below to see the full range and their features and benefits.

Tarnhow Dome Free Standing
Tarnhow Dome Free Standing The Tarnhow Dome Free Standing Canopy is constructed from a durable Glulam timber frame and can be covered with a choice of polycarbonate or waterproof tensile fabric. This domed roof canopy will gives off a modern feel to any environment and will fit in perfectly within green woodland areas
Tarnhow Mono Free Standing
Tarnhow Mono Free Standing The Tarnhow Mono Free Standing Timber Canopy is constructed from Glulam timber and has a mono-pitch roof. It is ideal for areas where a canopy can not be fixed to the wall.
Tarnhow Curved Free Standing
Tarnhow Curved Free Standing The Tarnhow Curved Timber Canopy is an attractive free standing which is constructed from Glulam timber and has a sleek curved roof. This timber canopy structure is ideal for creating shelter for outdoor dining areas and outdoor learning or play areas...
Tarnhow Mono Wall Mounted Timber Canopy
Tarnhow Mono Wall Mounted Timber Canopy The Tarnhow Mono Wall Mounted Canopy is a strong timber canopy which is constructed from a Glulam timber frame. This wall mounted canopy is ideal for many environments particularly modern and natural settings...
Tarnhow Curved Wall Mounted Timber Canopy
Tarnhow Curved Wall Mounted Timber Canopy The Tarnhow Curved Wall Mounted Timber Canopy is constructed from a robust Glulam timber frame. It is ideal for many settings including schools, colleges, universities and the leisure industry...

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Recent Free Standing Canopy Case Study 

Wooden Canopy St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, West Sussex - Curved Glulam Timber Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, West Sussex

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Haywards
Heath, West Sussex were undergoing a big
extension to allow them to cater for 105 extra
children. Part of the extension included the
addition of a curved, free standing timber canopy.


The Benefits of a Timber Canopy

  • Modern, striking designs
  • Choice of wall mounted & free standing canopies
  • Attractive curved or straight wooden roof beams - Creates eye-catching canopies
  • Can be used for a range of applications - Including as a dining canopy, outdoor study canopy, covered play area & outdoor classroom
  • All year round protection - Children can play & learn outside all year round whilst being protected from the elements such as rain, snow & sun
  • High UV protection against UV rays
  • Glulam timber frame sourced from PEFC accredited timber merchants
  • Timber frame is fire resistant to BS 5268
  • Choice of Roofing - Polycarbonate or Tensile
  • Environmentally Friendly – A standard steel beam takes 6 times the energy cost to produce
  • Economical – Glulam is lighter in weight than similar materials resulting in less transport emissions
  • Approved timber - Complies with the requirements of British Standard BS EN 386: 2001
  • All visible fixings are timber – Leaves you with a flawless canopy that has an exclusive timber appearance

Why Choose Us as Your Wooden Canopy Supplier?

Our Tarnhow canopies are striking, modern designs that creates attractive timber canopies that offer a whole host of benefits. If you choose Able Canopies to design, manufacture & install your timber canopy, you will benefit from many features such as after sales care and unlimited advice before, during and after your canopy installation.

Your new timber canopy will be installed with minimal disruption to you and your setting by our fully trained, DBS checked fitting teams. You can rest assure that you will receive a comprehensive and professional service from all at Able Canopies.

We can provide you with structural calculations for any of our timber canopies as well as our other structures to verify that our timber canopies are fit for purpose and structurally safe for wind and snow loadings.

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