Timber Canopies that Cover All Areas

Timber Canopies that Cover All Areas

Our Tarnhow range of Glulam Timber Canopies just keep getting better. Our most popular of them all, the Tarnhow Dome Freestanding Timber Canopy can now span up to an impressive 16 metres with an unlimited length.

However, before I delve into what that means for you, let’s go through the main benefits of our timber canopies and why you need to add a timber canopy to your latest project.

What is Glulam Timber?

All our timber canopies in the Tarnhow range are manufactured from Gulam timber beams. What is Glulam timber you wonder? Glulam timber, which is also known as glued laminated timber is a structurally engineered wood product which is produced by gluing thin layers of timber together using a durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesive.

This enables timber beams to be used for structures that require beams which are larger than what can be sourced naturally from a solid piece of wood.

It also means that stunning curved timber beams can be created as a result because during the manufacturing process, the beams can be curved which isn’t possible with a solid length of wood.

Big and Small Timber Canopies

Now you know what Glulam timber is and its capabilities, you will not be surprised to know that our timber canopies are available in bespoke sizes starting from very small which are ideal for entrance canopies, to extra-large structures that are perfect for outdoor classrooms and outdoor dining canopies.

As an example, check out the Tarnhow Mono Wall Mounted Timber Canopy we installed at Stockport Grammar School in Greater Manchester in 2020. They were looking to cover a modest area of 6m x 3m to provide cover to their entrance which their reception pupils could also to play and learn outside. Read more: Stockport Grammar School Timber Canopy

On the other end of the scale, we installed a 30m x 12m Tarnhow Dome Freestanding Timber Canopy at Northam Farm Holiday Park in Somerset in August 2021. They were looking to provide an extra-large outdoor dining area so their visitors could dine outside all year round whilst keeping protected from the weather including both the sun and rain. Read more: Somerset Holiday Park Timber Canopy

Bespoke Timber Canopies

We have five standard timber canopies in our Tarnhow range however, we can also manufacture bespoke timber canopies to meet your exact requirements, we can either adapt one of our standard products, or design an entirely new structure to complement your vision.

Check out the bespoke canopy we installed at Penyrheol Primary School in Swansea. They had a tricky area that required cover to keep the multiple entrances within it dry and sheltered. They opted for a bespoke Tarnow Curved Freestanding Timber Canopy. Read more: Bespoke Timber Canopy

We also adapted a Tarnhow Dome Freestanding Timber canopy at Barking Abbey School in London, to enable the structure to fit around the shape of their school building, creating continuous cover from the weather for their pupils when dining outside. Large School Timber Canopy

The Tarnhow Dome

As promised, you will now discover the impressive spanning capabilities of the Tarnhow Dome Freestanding Timber Canopy which can now cover a maximum width of up to 16 metres.

Along with a mighty 16 metre span, it also has an unlimited length which means you can cover extra large areas such as the example mentioned above for Northam Farm Holiday Park in Somerset.

If you were to opt for a square 16m x 16m canopy, utilising the maximum span and just a fraction of the maximum length, you could cover a whopping 256m2! Imagine the number of outdoor dining tables you could fit underneath that! Think of how much space you could free up from inside your building and how many extras spaces you can offer with the addition of a canopy.

Alongside the impressive size, the Tarnhow Dome is a stunning structure that has attractive domed roof, using curved glue laminated timber beams that add a touch of elegance and extravagance, whilst also adding a natural, organic feel to the area.

This striking structure simply cannot fail in covering your weather protection needs, contact us today to find out more.

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