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Are you determined to upgrade your outside space so you can maximise its potential and use it all year round but are still looking for funds?

No problem, download our free funding guide today and you will find the best organisations that are offering grants for schools, nurseries and voluntary organisations across the UK and you can turn your dreams into a reality.

This invaluable free guide also contains handy tips to keep you prepared and organised, resulting in a higher chance of your school or organisation receiving those much-needed funds – good luck!

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Many schools, pre-schools and colleges have felt the squeeze from cuts that have been made to their budget and are under increasing pressure to make what budget they have go as far as possible. This can present a real challenge, with much needed equipment and improvements to site simply out of their budget.

One way to help fund much needed equipment and improvements to your building or outdoor space is to apply for funding from funding providers and grant making trusts. There are many out there – particularly for schools, non profit groups, health bodies and communities who want to improve the lives and learning experiences of young people.

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Latest Funding Opportunities for Schools, Nurseries & Communities

To find out about even more funding opportunities for schools, nurseries and communities, click on the links below:

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Funding and Fundraising Tips

We regularly update our blog with funding tips and fundraising ideas, you can view these posts here: Funding and Fundraising Tips for Schools.

How to Create a Good Funding Application

In addition to the funding suggestions in this guide, your local council may have an officer who investigates and applies for funding for various projects. They should have details of funding sources, both local and national, and may be able to help in completing the application forms.

There are various stages in applying for funding and the more planning involved the better your chances of success. Here are our top tips for a successful funding application:


  1. Plan as far ahead as possible as funding applications can take several months.
  2. Research the organisation you are applying to for the funding, find out their policies, interests, who they have previously awarded funds to, what size grants are available etc.
  3. On your application try to describe your organisation and who is involved in it with as much detail as possible.
  4. Identify what the problem is in your community (this could be that there is not enough outdoor cover/shade or the need for an outdoor seating area) and how you need to solve it.
  5. Explain how having this funding will work in your community – the benefits, timescales, the equipment you will purchase and any special requirements.
  6. Detail your budget, who is contributing, how much, and what other funding has been applied for.
  7. Show how your project has the support of the local community and authorities, you could include a statement from a local councillor, your town major or MP.
  8. Take time to complete the application form, check it carefully for accuracy, include supporting material such as plans, photographs and letters of support. At Able Canopies we are happy to provide rendered images showing what the canopy will look like in your chosen area.
  9. Make sure you check the small print when applying to see if there are any terms and conditions which will affect you.
  10. The organisation will be looking to see how funding will benefit the whole of the community so it is a good idea to focus on these benefits throughout your application.

And finally Spread the word! The more people that know about the project, the more public interest you will gain, which may give you more offers of help and support as the local community hears about what you are doing. You may even get more offers of funding!

Word of mouth will always help reach those locally and social media websites can help reach those further afield.


Here are some testimonials from some of the schools who have taken our funding advice:

“Fantastic service from the first time we contacted you to the completed installation. Fitted by a brilliant team who are great ambassadors for your company. 100% professionalism. 100% satisfaction.” 

– Director of Sport – Stafford Sports College, Staffordshire – View Installation

“The installation went very smoothly and we are all pleased with the results.  Thanks for  the assistance regarding the planning application and also  installation team and yourselves for providing a  professional service.”

– Pastures Community Centre, Northampton – View Installation

“I have used Able Canopies to install two shelter outside of our Nursery and reception buildings in order to develop our outdoor learning. We have also had a shelter installed for parents who are waiting for their children to offer protection from rain as well as very bright sunlight.

I have been extremely impressed with the Company who have been very professional and have delivered an excellent service. The administrative team in the office have always been very polite, knowledgeable and would keep me informed as to how things were progressing. The team who installed the shelters caused no disturbance whatsoever and we had all three installed during term time. The job was carried out very efficiently and well within the time allocated for the job.

We also received follow-up calls to make sure that we were happy with the service. I have no hesitation in recommending Able Canopies to other schools of other organisations.”

 – Head teacher – St Helen’s Catholic Infant school, Walthamstow – View Installation 

Please note: Able Canopies Ltd. have not been endorsed by any charities/organisations in anyway. Our previous customers have that stated that they have successfully received funding from the sources we have mentioned on our website and Funding Guide and have passed them on for your information only.

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