Funding for Solar Projects

Funding for Solar Canopies and Solar Carports

Funding and Grants For Solar Canopy Projects

Depending on your organisation sector, there are many grants available for your solar canopy or carport. 

Our solar products have recently been accepted by LoCASE (the Low Carbon Across the South East programme) so our customers can receive free cash towards their solar project if they meet the requirements. Please see below for more details. 

Last updated: February 2018

Low Carbon Across the South East Programme (LoCASE)

You may be eligible for funds towards your solar canopy or solar carport by taking advantage of the Low Carbon Across the South East programme (LoCASE).

If you qualify, LoCASE can provide up to 40% of the costs of your new solar structure to help you become a more sustainable business. The minimum grant that can be awarded is £1,000. The maximum grant amount is £10,000.

There are a number of conditions that makes you eligible for the grants, for instance you must:

  • Be located within the Kent, Medway, Essex, Thurrock, Southend or East Sussex region
  • Be considered small or medium enterprises (i.e. employ fewer than 250 people, and have an annual turnover not exceeding £50 million or a balance sheet not exceeding £43 million);
  • Spend the full value of the LoCASE grant on a qualifying project taking place within the SELEP region (East Sussex, Essex, Thurrock, Southend, Kent or Medway)
  • Secure 60% of the costs of the project in cash from private sector sources before the LoCASE grant agreement is concluded
  • Not be engaged in a restricted sector according to the state aid regulations and ERDF requirements.

LOCASE - Funding for Solar Canopies and Solar CarportsSectors that are not eligible are:

  • Fishery and Aquaculture
  • Agriculture
  • Coal, Steel and Shipbuilding
  • Synthetic Fibres
  • Education
  • Banking and Insurance
Click here to find out more about LoCASE Funding.

Additional Funding

Please find below a list of alternative links which can help fund your Solar Project.

Our updates are ongoing and we plan to add more as soon as we find them. So please check back regularly for the latest information:

Carbon Trust - The Carbon Trust help business put cost-saving energy efficiency strategies into practice, with leases, loans, finance and implementation support to make energy efficiency easy.

Veolia Environmental Trust - The Veolia Environmental trust reward funding to non profit groups who’s projects can aid the environment or the community. Their average award for funding ranges between £20,000 to £25,000. 

WREN - The Waste Recycling Environmental group WREN offer a Small Grant Scheme that can offer between £2,000 to £15,000 for projects that support the community

City Bridge Trust - The City Bridge Trust offer funding via their Working With Londoners Grant. They have 7 different sectors to help the London area with Accessibility, Environment, Mental Health etc and can offer up to £500,000 to sector organisations and registered charities

Moto In The Community - A grant making trust that aim to make positive difference in the 49 communities around the UK which they are a part of.

Key Fund - Key Fund provides funding to Social Enterprises working in a wide variety of areas and sectors to enable them to develop and grow. They support projects that have a community or environmental benefit. Maximum value of their grants is £150,000

Naturesave Trust - Funding environmental and conservation projects throughout the UK including wind and solar projects. They can offer up to £10,000 per project

Ancaster Trust - Available to charitable organisations undertaking medical, social welfare or community projects within the UK. Their funding is directed mainly at Environmental projects and supporting the disadvantaged.

If you have any questions, or to find out if you qualify for a Free Site Survey call now:
0800 389 9072 or email:

Please Note:

If you are awarded a grant for a solar project, you will not be able to qualify for the FiT scheme

Able Canopies Ltd. have not been endorsed by any of the above charities/organisations in anyway. Our previous customers have that stated that they have successfully received funding from these sources and we have mentioned them for your information only.


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