Croydon University Hospital – Case Study

Croydon University Hospital – Case Study Case Study

Croydon University Hospital, Surrey

Product: Commercial Awning
Frame Colour: White (RAL 9010)
Fabric Colour: 3888
Awning Size: 6m x 3.6m
Estimated Value: £3,500
Installation Date: April 2012

Croydon University Hospital was in need of a sheltered play area within their hospital garden for their young patients to play and sit under. To achieve this shade they planned to install a shade structure with funding raised by the local golf club.

Both the hospital and the golf club agreed upon Able Canopies as their preferred supply and requested a full site survey to ascertain their exact requirements.

On completion of the site survey it was established that the building was suitable for a wall mounted structure and two quotes were then sent to the hospital as requested, one for a manual Palladio Commercial Awning – 6m x 3.6m and one for the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, also 6m x 3.6m. Originally, the hospital had requested a quote for an electrical awning, yet due to the health and safety complications which would arise when installing and operating an electrical awning, the hospital chose to have a quote for a manual awning instead.

The quote for the manual awning was accepted and an order was placed The awning was then installed with no issues. The hospital was very pleased with the service and product provided by Able Canopies saying the awning would be “perfect” for when the weather is hot.

“Very efficient during the installation. No fuss – brilliant work. Delighted to have the canopy. It will be perfect for the children playing outside when the weather is hot. It will be wonderful not having to move the sand and water tray to shaded areas in the play area to keep them from getting too hot (the children!). Parents can spend more time with their children knowing they can sit in the shade watching them play quite happily. Ideal for children on traction not able to get off beds, they can be transported on their beds outside under the shade – perfect!! Many thanks.”

– Victoria Hill, Senior Play Specialist – Croydon University Hospital.

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