Hatton Park School- Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Hatton Park School- Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

In June 2017, we supplied and installed a 10m x 3.2m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy at Hatton Park School in Longstanton, Cambridgeshire.

Hatton Park School wanted a shelter, allowing their pupils and staff to spend more time outdoors all year round. The school wanted two areas of their school grounds to have a sheltered structure installed. The school was working with Kier Construction, who got in touch with us at Able Canopies.

We recommended installing a Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy for one of the classrooms. This canopy offers many benefits as a shelter for a school setting as it enables pupils and staff to make the most of their outdoor space. Some of the benefits of the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy are that it provides shelter from rain and snow while offering shade from the sun with high UV protection. It also helps keep your building’s interior cool by shading windows and reducing unwanted heat during sunny days. The installation of this canopy will have met Hatton Park School’s requirements by allowing pupils and staff the opportunity to go outdoors all year round and be protected by the weather.

For the other classroom, we suggested installing a Grange Junior Freestanding Canopy. Click here to find out more information about Hatton Park School’s Grange Junior Freestanding Canopy installation.

Installation Details:

Contractors: Kier Construction

Size: 10m x 3.2m

Canopy Colour: Grey RAL 7001

Installed at:
Hatton Park School
Hatton Park

Installation Date: June 2017

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