Roding Primary School Case Study

Roding Primary School Case Study Case Study

Roding Primary School, Essex

1no. Grange Free Standing Canopy
Size: 21m x 4m x 12m x 4m

4no. Wall Mounted Canopy
Sizes: 21m x 4m x 12m x 4m

Contractor: Jerram Falkus
Architect: MaccreanorLavington Architectsl

The Brief
Jerram Falkus contacted us as they were working on a project for Roding Primary School in Dagenham, Essex. The school, which at the time was set to be one of the biggest primary schools in the country, was having a new extension built onto its new site and required a number of new canopies to provide shade and shelter for various parts of the school site, including a covered walkway between buildings.

The Solution
MaccreanorLabington Architects specified four wall mounted canopies and one free standing walkway canopy for this project. As the contractor, Jerram Falkus, had previously worked with us, they knew that our standard products would fit in flawlessly with the architect’s specifications. They therefore requested four Coniston wall-mounted canopies and a Grange Mono-Pitch free standing canopy. All four canopies were to be powder coated to Basalt Grey (RAL 7012) to match the look and feel of the new site.

The required wall mounted canopies fitted in with the standard product detail of the Coniston, however as the specified free standing walkway need to include a 246° angled turn, the Grange Mono-Pitch required an adjustment to its design to incorporate this angle into its construction, as shown in the roof top image below:

The installation was booked in to start the week commencing 22nd July 2013 and continued for a duration of two weeks. Yet before we arrived on site it was established that additional construction workers were still onsite completing ground works in the areas the canopies were to be installed. We therefore liaised with Jerram Falkus to ensure that the installation would still go ahead, keeping to the agreed schedule. In order to achieve this, we arranged for additional fitting teams to be onsite during the first week of the installation.

The installation was completed successfully and within the required timescales.

“A great job” – Graham Kirby – Assistant Contracts Manager, Jerram Falkus Construction Ltd.

Above: The Grange Free Standing Walkway
and the 22m x 2m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Above: 15.75m x 4m
Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy
Above: 21m x 4m x 12m x 4m
Grange Free Standing Canopy 

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