Stafford Sports College

Wall Mounted Canopy Installed at Stafford Sports College Stafford Sports College, Staffordshire 

Product: Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Size: 12m x 4.28m
Estimated Value: £12,000

Stafford Sports College needed a canopy for their youth centre in order to provide an outdoor activity and social area.

The client required a wall mounted canopy to provide shelter for the entrance of the gym and youth centre, which would also serve as an outdoor activity and social area. After completing a full site survey, Able Canopies were able to advise them on the size and design that would best suit their needs. They then produced a quotation including super imposed images of what the installation will look like, the client was happy to go ahead with this. On being awarded the contract Able were faced with a number of challenges including:

  • Time frame – Installing the canopy during school holidays in order to minimise the disruption of people attending the gym and youth centre.
  • Brackets – Specialist brackets had to be made in order to compensate for the overhang of the roof.

Able Canopies’ surveyor assessed all the options and decided to install a wall mounted canopy using specially designed brackets to fit the canopy onto the roof overhang.

The system chosen was a Coniston Wall Mounted canopy, constructed from aluminium and uPVC with a 35mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof. The complete installation covered an area of 51.36m².

Able Canopies were required to construct the installation during the school holidays. In this time they had to get the order manufactured, powder coated and delivered to site, during which time all relevant health & safety issues needed to be considered.

Able Canopies were able to overcome these challenges and the installation was completed successfully.

“Fitted by a brilliant team who were great ambassadors for Able Canopies, 100% professionalism, 100% satisfaction – the canopy is a fantastic addition to our college.” Cheryl Barrass – Support Services Manager

Wall Mounted Canopy Installed at Stafford Sports College

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