An Introduction to Able Canopies

Optional Extras

Optional Extras

Our canopies are customisable to ensure you can create the structure suited to your needs.
We can provide side and front fills and safety barriers to give you added protection within your structure. We can also provide an Able Canopies Rainbow Package for your canopy which can brighten up your outdoor space with a visually stimulating colour scheme- great for pre-schools and nurseries.

The upgrades and customisations are not suitable for every canopy system. Click on the enhancements below to see which will fit your system choice.

For added security we also offer Secure Roller Shutters for all our freestanding and wall mounted canopies to create a secure locker area within your canopy. 

We also offer Anti-Climb cones for Shade Sails to deter misuse of your shade sail.
Coloured Polycarbonate Roof Sheets
Coloured Polycarbonate Roof Sheets Our coloured polycarbonate is available with a range of our canopies and will brighten up your outside area and create a much more welcoming and fun environment – perfect for primary and Early Years settings.
Rainbow Package
Rainbow Package Able Canopies Rainbow Package is ideal for educational settings, it is particularly popular with nurseries, pre-schools, primary schools and hospitals. Create a colourful, bright and stimulating area for children toplay and learn, the package includes a colourful banner, coloured post pads and canopy posts all in the colours of your choice
PVC Rainbow Curtains
PVC Rainbow Curtains Add colour and excitement to your outdoor learning area with our PVC Rainbow Curtains which are a cost effective alternative to our polycarbonate side fills.
5mm Side Fills
5mm Side Fills Able Canopies 5mm Polycarbonate Side & Front Fills create effective protection from the weather and encloses your canopy creating a designated area...
Secure Roller Shutters
Secure Roller Shutters Secure Roller Shutters can be added to many of our free standing and wall mounted canopies, they transform your canopy into a secure lockable unit enabling you to protect outside play or school equipment, sandpits; keep windows & doors out of sight and create create additional storage which can be used all year round.
Signage Able Canopies signage is a great way to direct visitors, staff and pupils to the correct areas of your environment and create a welcoming entrance.
Waterproof Fabric Side Panels
Waterproof Fabric Side Panels Our waterproof fabric side panels can be added to a selection of our tensile fabric canopies for additional protection from the weather.
Our canopies are also available with:
Canopy Post Protection Pads

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