Waterproof Fabric Canopy Side Panels

Waterproof Fabric Canopy Side Panels

Our waterproof fabric canopy side panels can be added to the Codale ConicCodale Junior and the Windsor Tensile Fabric Canopies. They enable you to enclose your fabric canopy, blocking excess wind and rain which extends the use of your canopy in poorer weather conditions.

Available in any size to suit your canopy with a maximum height of 2.8m, standard prices include a height of 2.5m. They can include clear windows if required to allow visibility inside outside of the canopy when the fabric side panels are closed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Added weather protection – The panels provide additional protection from wind and driving rain
  • Made from PVC coated Polyester – A strong weaved material that has an acrylic lacquer on both sides and is protected against microbial and fungal attack and is UV-protected
  • Available with windows – Clear windows can be added to the fabric panels for visibility inside and out
  • Available in 16 different colours – To match the fabric and frame of your canopy
  • Available with a selection of canopies – Including the Codale Conic, Codale Junior and the Windsor Tensile Fabric Canopies
  • Fire resistance to EN 13501-1: B-s2-d0 – For peace of mind and reassurance

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Design & Specification

Fabric Specification:

VALMEX® FR 650-2 Industrial

Material: PES

  • Yarn Count: 1100 dtex
  • Weave: L 1/1

Type of Coating: PVC

Finish: Acrylic lacquer on both sides, protected against microbial and fungal attack, UV-protected

Fire Resistance: BS 7837, California T 19, D.M. 26.06.84 (UNI 9177): CL. 2, DIN 4102: B1, GOST: G1, NFP 92507: M2, EN 13501-1: B-s2-d0, NFPA 701 Test 2, UNE 23 723-90 1R: M.2

Weight: 650 g/m2

Tensile Strength (warp/weft): 2500 / 2500 N/50 mm

Tear Strength (warp/weft): 250 / 250 N

Adhesion: 20 N/cm

Cold Resistance: -40°c

Light Fastness: >6 Note, Value

Crack Resistance: no cracks 100000 x


Download the Waterproof Fabric Side Panels Technical Specification Sheet

Colour Options

Colour Options

The fabric is available in the same colours are the fabric for the Codale Conic, Codale Junior and Windsor Tensile Fabric Canopies. Please click here to view the colours: Fabric Canopy Side Panel Colours

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