Summer Fundraising Events

Summer Fundraising Events

freeimage-4923332-webSummer fundraising is by far the most successful fundraising for schools & nurseries; however, it can get a little “old” for the volunteers when doing the same events every year. That is why I have listed some ideas below to help you raise funds with “fresh” events that you maybe haven’t tried before or had forgotten about.

Traditional Country Fayre – Hold a country fayre with traditional stalls and farm yard animals on show, donkey rides and much more!

1940’s/50’s/60’s Summer Fayre – Just like your usual summer fayre but add a vintage flair to it with vintage style rides, stall & music. All volunteers could dress up to the theme of the year and give spectators the choice to dress up. Many grandparents will love this and I’m sure they will offer ideas from what they remember.

Sponsored Sporting Events – Arrange sponsored sporting events such as walks & bike rides. Or what about something different like sponsored skipping or hula hooping!

freeimage-5159286-webPicnics – Hold a picnic day – this could be on a non-school day on the school field or at a local park – check restrictions etc. that apply first though. It could be a ‘bring your own food’ event but have live music, bouncy castles and other attractions; you could also charge a small entrance fee.

BBQ’s – a modern twist to a summer fayre; add a BBQ food stall to your event and charge for the items of food on sale – also offer hot & old beverages.

Nationality Themed Nights – Arrange themed nights where you dedicate it to a specific country. Serve food, dress in the local attire, play local music & dance and you could also arrange traditional games for that specific country. Another idea could be to tell old folk stories.

Tuck Shop/Ice Lolly’s – You could start a tuck shop in the school or start selling ice lolly’s in the summer after school. On hot days this could prove to be very popular, cooling children down ready for their journey home.

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Do you plan to try any of the above ideas? Let us know in the comments box below, or maybe you’ve tried some of these events in the past? Share your story with us so others can see how successful these events can be to inspire them for their next fundraising event.

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