PVC Rainbow Curtains

PVC Rainbow Curtains

PVC Rainbow Curtains are the perfect accessory for school and nursery canopies and for those that want to add additional weather protection whilst still having an open canopy.

These bright and colourful PVC curtains will not only brighten up your canopy structure, but also offer additional protection from wind and rain, whilst also allowing air flow and keeping a more open feel compared to solid side panels.

They can also be installed to your doorway that leads to your canopy to create a free-flow play area. If you find that your door is constantly being opened and closed and it is affecting the temperature indoors, then our PVC Rainbow Curtains are the perfect solution!

They are constructed from soft strips of PVC that are connected to a stainless steel rail and overlap to block the wind and rain. The PVC strips are supplied in rainbow colours (Red, Yellow and Blue with Green and Purple colour effects from the overlapping strips) or we can also supply the strips in clear for full visibility.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adds colour and excitement to your canopy
  • Blocks wind and rain, keeping your outdoor area dryer and warmer
  • Can also be installed on your main buildings’ doorways, blocking wind from blowing indoors – perfect for when your door is constantly being opened and closed
  • Available in lengths from 1m – 6m (other lengths available on request)
  • Can be added to most canopies in our range – please contact us for details
  • Strips are 200mm wide, 2mm thick and 2m in length
  • The smooth PVC strips can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth
  • Cost effective alternative to solid polycarbonate side panels
  • Flexible weather protection – the side of the canopy can be used as an entrance
  • Supplied with a 1 year guarantee

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Design & Specification

PVC Strips

The strips are made from smooth PVC that is 2mm thick, 200mm wide and 2m tall. They require minimal maintenance and as they are smooth, they can easily be washed down with a damp cloth if needed.

Fixing Method

The PVC Rainbow Curtains are fixed to your canopy (or doorway) with a stainless steel rail that is securely screwed into the canopy/doorframe.


Click here to download the PVC Rainbow Curtains Technical Specification Sheet

Colour Options

The PVC strips are suppled in rainbow colours of Red, Blue and Yellow, however we can also supply them in clear for full visibility.PVC Rainbow Curtains Colour Options - Able Canopies Ltd.

Product Brochure

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