Solihull Hospital – Case Study

Solihull Hospital – Case Study Case Study

Solihull Hospital, West Midlands

Product: Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy
Colour: Pure White RAL 9010
Canopy Size: 17.1m x 2m
Estimated Value: £17,500.00 (Including the front fill)
Installation Date: November 2014

The Brief
Solihull Hospital in Solihull, West Midlands, required a canopy to cover their outside ramp area that houses their waste bins, laundry bins and recycling compacters. They were in need of a structure that would be fixed to the building with a water tight seal and that would block the rain from entering the area, keeping their staff dry whilst also preventing ice from building up on the ramp which currently creates a slip hazard.

The Solution
When our Surveyor inspected their site, and after talking to the Estates Manger, it was agreed that the Coniston Wall Mounted canopy would be the perfect shelter solution that they required. The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy has the watertight seal to the building that the hospital required and it also protects people and equipment underneath from all weather conditions including rain, snow, sun and wind.

Because the area had a ramp, we modified the canopy slightly to allow for the height difference. To do this, we added a step in the canopy roof which allowed the canopy to be in two different heights, leaving more than enough room for people to comfortably walk underneath.

A section of the supporting wall posed a challenge as it had corrugated panelling at the height of the required fixing for a standard Coniston, and so two different types of brackets had to be utilised to ensure the structure could be fixed to the brickwork below this. To ensure a water tight seal could still be achieved with this modified fixing method, we also overlapped the canopy onto the curvature of the roof as shown in the images below.

The installation of the canopy went smoothly and was installed within the 3 days as scheduled. A canopy of this size would usually be installed much quicker but due to the extra brackets and the step in the roof, we allowed 3 days for the extra work to ensure we would not run over schedule.

Sometime later, Mr Parker contacted us again as he required some front fills to block horizontal rain and wind from entering the sides of the canopy. We had already quoted for front fills at the time of the first enquiry, but due to lack of funds, the hospital decided to put them on hold until the funds became available. This was not a problem as our side and front fills can be added to our canopies after installation, if required.

The front fills were added to the canopy in March 2015 and took just a day to install.

“I am pleased with the quality and design of the canopy. Your workmen were courteous, professional and good tradesmen. Simon was professional and informative. Simon kept us to date with quotes and progress. The only criticism is your company name, is sound like some 1980’s company trying to be first in the yellow pages telephone directory.”

– Alan Parker, Estates Manager, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.

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