St Helier Hospital – Case Study

St Helier Hospital – Case Study Case Study

Product: Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy
Size: 15m x 3.9m
Frame Colour: Hipca White
Polycarbonate Roof Panel Colour: Opal
Contractor: PG Marshall and Sons Ltd.
Installation Date: August 2019

The Brief
PG Marshall and Sons Ltd. were working on a project at St Helier Hospital for Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust. They were relocating the Davis (outpatient) unit which included a portable building that required weather protection over the disability access ramp and pathway leading to the unit.

They also needed the canopy to connect the Davis Unit to Ferguson House (the main building), which already had a small cantilevered canopy that the hospital trust were keen to keep in place.

The Solution
The two buildings that required connecting via a canopy had a fairly awkward space in between due to the buildings not being equally parallel to one another. Following the original design drawings, it was clear that the perfect solution would be the popular Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy.

The Coniston is a cost effective yet, robust and long lasting canopy which is constructed from aluminium and is covered with 35mm structured polycarbonate roof panels that are 200 times stronger than glass, protect from over 98% of harmful UV rays generated by the sun and will not discolour over time unlike alternative panels on the market.

In order to install the canopy within the awkward space whilst still providing shelter from both building entrances, we kept the height of the canopy low enough so that it could fit underneath the existing cantilevered entrance canopy. We were able to achieve this whilst keeping the height of the canopy more than adequate for any persons walking underneath.

In addition, where the new canopy fits underneath the existing canopy, to avoid using a post which would have been an issue because the foundations would have been too close of the building, we designed a bracket to fix the front of the canopy to the wall instead.

The Installation
Although the Coniston requires installation onto a suitable wall. We have been installing this popular canopy onto portable buildings for many years and have done so by designing brackets, especially for installation onto these types of temporary buildings to ensure a safe and robust installation.

The canopy installation went ahead as planned. The end result was a 15m x 4m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy attached to the Davis Unit which meets the existing concrete canopy on Ferguson House.

The pathway and ramps are now covered from the weather and patients, staff and visitors can comfortably move from one building to the other during the wet weather, whilst keeping dry.


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