10 Great Ideas for Spring Fundraising Ideas Outside

10 Great Ideas for Spring Fundraising Ideas Outside

It’s time to start thinking about ideas for Spring Fundraising. When the weather is improving, it’s a great idea to host events outside. If you’re worried about the sudden changes in the weather, such as Spring showers, make sure you plan for the activities to be partially under your school canopy. This way, you’re covered, whatever the weather.

So here are 10 quick ideas for Spring school fundraising.

1. Easter Egg Hunt
Decorate some cardboard eggs and hide them all over the playing field. When the children have found an egg they can come and exchange it for a chocolate one! Or score a point for the house/team.

2. Spring Disco
Let everyone get their dancing shoes on and set up a dancing stage outside! You could even make a stage and set up some karaoke for more fun.

3. Sports Competition
Have a sports competition such as an afternoon of rounders, cricket, netball or something else. Charge a donation for entry and offer prizes for the winning teams!

4. Colour Run
Colour runs have become very popular in recent years. They are a great way for children to exercise and have fun. They can also be a good way to get sponsorship for entrants.

5. Outdoor Performance
Practise a play and sell tickets to family and friends. You can increase the generated funds by selling refreshments.

6. Hold a Bake Sale
Ask everyone to donate some cakes and set up a stall for the week. If you plan it for Thursday and Friday, you might catch those keen to purchase homemade cakes for guests on the weekend!

7. Hold a Tea Party
Sell tickets to parents and family to visit the children’s pop-up cafe! The children can learn to make scones and cakes and serve the guests! Entertainment like live music can also be added to create an exciting atmosphere.

8. Plant sale
Grow some plants from seeds. When they’re looking a good size, the children can sell them to raise money for classroom supplies.

9. Outdoor Quiz
Ask families to bring a rug and some picnic food. Then you can host a quiz! Sell tickets and make sure you offer a great prize for the winning team! You can also ask local companies to support this with prizes or sponsorship.

10. Talent Show
Ask the children to work either on their own or in groups to produce a talent show. Sell tickets to families.

Above are ten ideas that can help you fundraise this spring term. However, planning these can take time and you might need to start the process now to ensure that any fundraising gets the best results.

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