2022’s Most Popular Canopy

<strong>2022’s Most Popular Canopy</strong>

We’ve said it since time began (well, since Able Canopies’ time began), that the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy is our most popular canopy, and year on year, it remains true.

The stats are in and 2022 was no different, the Coniston canopy was yet again, our most popular canopy. So, to make things fun, we have put together some interesting stats to show you which parts of the UK now feature this robust canopy, what sectors are benefiting from the amazing weather protection features and the total length of Coniston canopies that we installed in 2022.

The Total Length of Coniston’s Installed in 2022
The total length of Coniston aluminium canopies we installed in 2022 was a whopping 1,561 metres. That’s almost double the length of the worlds tallest building; the Burj Khalifa and almost triple the length of the One World Trade Centre; the tallest building in the USA.

Customer Sector for Coniston Canopies in 2022
The majority of customers who invested in a Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy in 2022 were direct customers, with 21% being Contractors and Architects, 6% agents and 4% councils.

End User Sector for Coniston Canopies in 2022
The end users consisted of 89% education (including schools, nurseries, colleges and universities), 4% industrial (such as commercial buildings), 4% healthcare (including hospitals, doctor surgeries and care homes), 1% community groups and 1% the MOD.

Areas Where We Installed the Coniston Canopy in 2022
In 2022, we installed the Coniston in 33 different counties across the UK. The most popular counties for the Coniston wall mounted canopy were London (with 16% of all installations) Essex, Gwent, Clwyd, Hertfordshire and Kent.

Please note – these stats are for the number of Coniston Wall mounted Canopies we installed in 2022 only. It does not include all the canopies we installed since we began manufacturing the product.

Why So Popular?
The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy is so popular because of its versatility, its high quality, its fantastic value for money and its great appearance. I’ve listed a handful Coniston’s features below however, to view the full features and benefits please click here: The Coniston Mounted Canopy

Versatility – The Coniston is beyond versatile, it is available with a wide choice of upgrades including side and fronts panels, secure roller shutters, the Rainbow Package which features colourful bunting, signage and colourful PVC rainbow curtains. This allows you to design the perfect canopy to your requirements making it unique and personalised to your school or company.

High Quality – The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy is manufactured from aluminium, which is strong and naturally rust resistant, and on top of that it is powder coated, adding an additional layer of protection.

Value for Money – We have designed the Coniston with longevity and affordability in mind. It is a robust structure that is supplied with a 10-year guarantee and 25-year life expectancy yet doesn’t come with the high price tag you might expect with a structure of that calibre.

Appearance – The Coniston’s sleek, smooth appearance allows it to blend in with any outdoor setting including both modern and traditional. The guttering is made from aluminium and is integrated into the design which streamlines the appearance, making it even more athletically pleasing. You can also choose from any RAL colour for the frame allowing you to match your branding colours.


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