5 Reasons to Add Canopies to Your Projects

5 Reasons to Add Canopies to Your Projects

When it comes to designing new buildings and landscapes for your clients, the ultimate goal (besides the artistic design) is to create an environment that is convenient, comfortable and enjoyable to be within. That’s why it’s well worth considering the addition of canopies in your concept design.

Weather protection may not seem like a big issue however, providing cover from the weather over entrances, storage areas, outdoor dining benches and sales areas, makes the outdoor tasks much more enjoyable and enables areas such as outdoor dining benches to be used all year round and reduces congestion indoors.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should add a canopy to your designs:

  1. They enable your clients to make more use of their outside space
    Because canopies provide protection from both the sun and rain; creating cool shaded areas in the summer, and dry sheltered areas in the winter, they extend the use of the outdoors to all year round. This is particularly useful if you only have a small portion of land to work with yet, are not looking to fill it up with buildings. Canopies can provide a useable ‘outdoor room’ without compromising on the outdoor space.
  2. Creates a specific area for certain events or activities
    Your clients have can a dedicated outdoor space for events or activities which adds excitement and exclusivity to the occasion, as well as creating a talking point. They can also make a stunning outdoor feature to your main design.
  3. Canopies can reduce overcrowding indoors
    Rooms such as dining halls, walkways and entrances can become overcrowded during busy times and creating a covered space outside where those persons can disperse, will dramatically reduce overcrowding indoors.
  4. They offer dual purposes
    Although a canopy may join your design for a specific purpose, the client will be able to gain more than just one use from it, for example, an outdoor dining canopy can also be used as a study canopy, an outdoor classroom, a waiting shelter for parents and events shelter.
  5. They provide more opportunities for users to connect with nature
    Providing an outdoor space for activities or everyday routines that would usually be conducted indoors, provides the users with more opportunities to spend time outside in nature which has proven to be good for our mental health. The fresh air can also awaken us, deterring that sluggish feeling that creeps up once we’ve spent too long inside, resulting in better productivity, concentration and engagement.

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