A Canopy Company with High Staff Retention

A Canopy Company with High Staff Retention

At Able Canopies, we are extremely proud of our high staff retention levels which in turn benefits you, our customers.

I am pleased to write that over 93% of our staff here at Able Canopies have worked for the company for over 7 years, and to break that down further, 60% of all our staff have worked here for over 10 years. With all these years under our belt, we really are the canopy experts.

We are a fantastic team that works extremely hard together to deliver high customer service levels and the very best shade and shelter solution products across the UK. Our clients include those in the education, leisure, retail, hospitality, MOD and healthcare sectors with many of which coming back to us time and time again.

When you contact us, you will be able to feel how content our staff are within their role which will result in you receiving the best customer service you could ask for.

Here’s a list of some benefits that you will receive when choosing a canopy company that has high staff retention levels:

Benefits to you:

Experienced & Knowledgeable Staff– Because our staff have worked here for many years, their experience and knowledge are unmatched, enabling them to serve you efficiently and to a high standard. You won’t be passed from pillar to post, you will be assigned a dedicated Sales Advisor who will work with you the whole way through your project.

We’ll be Familiar with One Another – Because our staff continue their employment with us for many years, the chances are that if you are a returning customer, you will be looked after by the same Sales Advisor time and time again. This means that we can build a fantastic working relationship with one another, building trust and respect.

A Happy Atmosphere – One of the reasons our staff stay is because they are happy within their jobs and feel valued. That in turn means that when you talk to us on the phone, you will pick up on the positive and happy atmosphere and talking to us will be a pleasant experience. I don’t know about you, but I think a good mood is definitely contagious.

Lower Chance of Errors – Because our staff are happy, they are more ‘on the ball’ and enthusiastic about their jobs resulting in a much lower risk of errors. This benefits you because the majority of the time our jobs will go ahead with no problems long the way, making your experience with us smooth and efficient. On the rare occurrence that something does go wrong, we’ll go out of our way to solve it quickly and efficiently.

We Have More Time for You – Because we don’t have to spend extra time training new staff, we can pass that extra time onto you, allowing us to serve you in the way you deserve to be served. Our staff can spend more time working on your projects, offering you advice if required, getting to know what you need from us and going that extra mile such as helping you with your planning permission applications if required.

Able Canopies Ltd. design, manufacture and install canopies and shade structures at schools, nurseries and educational settings to enable year-round Free Flow Outdoor Play and Outdoor Learning.
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