A Crafty Christmas

A Crafty Christmas

It is coming to that time of the year when children are dreaming of stockings filled with treats, and presents under the Christmas tree. Keeping all that excited energy entertained can be a challenging job. However, craft activities can help channel their excitement, get you into the spirit of Christmas and decorate your setting with beautiful crafts made by the children. Here’s a list of our suggestions:

  1. Christmas Tree Biscuits

Tasty and good fun, Christmas tree biscuits might not make great decorations, but children love baking. You can find a recipe here.

  1. Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are always a good option. You can use stickers, colouring sheets and their imaginations to create limited edition cards for children’s family members and friends.

  1. Christmas Collage

Using Christmas cards from the previous year, you can task the children with creating Christmas collages. Simply cut out pictures and stick them on a piece of card.

  1. Wreaths

Using tissue, dried flowers and fake berries you can create beautiful wreaths to adorn your walls.

  1. Carol Cards

Print out the words to Christmas carols, stick them on some card and ask the children to decorate them. Then you can use them to decorate your walls and for carol services.

  1. Snowflakes

A classic piece of art! If you don’t know how to make snowflakes, you can find instructions here. The snowflakes can be stuck to windows, the walls of your setting, or attached to string to make snowflake bunting.

  1. Paperchains

A traditional Christmas decoration that makes any room special. Children love making them, and they are easy to do. You can even incorporate a lot of learning with different colours, counting and measuring.


Christmas craft is fun and helps to keep excited children who can’t wait for the big day busy. You can decorate your educational setting with Christmas crafts that have been created by your children. At the same time, you can help them learn more about the world around them and develop important life skills.

What craft will you be making this year? Send us your crafty pictures or let us know about Christmas crafts which aren’t on our list.