Active Behaviour

Active Behaviour

The number of children who are obese by the time they start secondary school is rising. Now one-in-four children can be classified as obese, and this is bad news for their health.
Often as children get older, they lose their interest in sporting competitions and begin to spend more time behind screens. Yet, when they are younger, it is hard to get children to stop moving.

So, what happens and how can we keep children active?

Changing Behaviours
As parents and teachers, we spend a lot of time teaching our children about diet, hygiene and social skills. So why don’t we spend time educating our children about the importance of active behaviour?

The need for activity should be engrained into their behaviours from a very young age. If we ensure they are learning and acting upon those lessons before they join primary school, the chances are that they will continue to participate in some form of activity every day.

Role Models
The responsibility for this education lies mainly with teachers and parents – both significant role models for children. If the role models in their lives are seen to be active, they will be more likely to enjoy being active as well.

There is a reliance on sports personalities to pass on the message of activity. However, this isn’t always the best solution. While children can be excited by their appearance – their impact is probably more short-lived than we expect. After all, they are at the top of the game, and children with little or no confidence will not consider the personality’s behaviour to be a realistic goal.

Having the opportunity to be active is an essential requirement. The UK weather can be adverse at times, yet this shouldn’t prevent exercise. While you can use indoor space, outdoor activity is a must and is more beneficial.

Therefore, ensure that you can provide an outdoor area that can be used whatever the weather.

Children are becoming less active, and this can lead to serious health issues. Only by encouraging children to maintain regular activity from a young age can we stop this trend.
The responsibility for this behavioural change lies with parents and teachers, and is further encouraged by good access to outdoor space.

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