Active Play for Happier, Healthier Children

Active Play for Happier, Healthier Children

As an adult we often look at children and wonder where they get all their energy from as they never seem to sit still! But these days, it seems more and more apparent that young children, even those at pre-school age, are becoming more inactive as they gain more interest in the television and games and videos on phones and tablets.

We all know that active play can have a big positive impact on children’s fitness and weight, but it is also important to remember that is also helps children to sleep better and can make them happier in general. It can also help them to build stronger bones and muscles and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.

If children are more active when they are young, it will help to form healthy habits and may result in healthier lifestyles as they grow, this also reduces their chance of obesity.

As a pre-school or nursery worker, it’s important to offer plenty of opportunities of active play for the children in your care. The outdoors is the perfect place for this. Canopies enable active play to continue through the wetter months so that your children can enjoy outdoor play even in the rain.

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