Adaptable, skilful and practical

Adaptable, skilful and practical

Being flexible is part of our make up. The skills and products that we use for canopies can often be adapted to other uses around a site to ensure a coherent approach to the use of materials and a co-ordinated finished look to the new structures. A recent installation at Ashmole Primary School is a good example of this.

Included in the work was a straight forward free standing Tarnhow mono canopy that created a new play and learn area for the school. Even this structure had a couple of twists with the overall structure being finished in black, which is not an everyday choice, and then some side screens being added. These, as shown in the pictures, were not solid but timber slats that gave the canopy additional definition but kept the open feel.

These side fill slats were a theme that was developed and carried on in two further locations on the site. The first one was at the school entrance where full height slats, again finished in black, gave some additional protection for visitors to the school. This attractive side panel linked neatly with the canopy.

The final piece of the installation was another timber screen, this time installed on a first-floor roof to give screening to a plat room area. This was a particular challenge as working safely at height and ensuring a neat coming together of steel work and timber meant extra care was required. The finished screen adds a stylish visual point to the building and ties in neatly with the canopy and school entrance area.

The ability to use the skills and materials that would normally be for a canopy only have been expanded here to include two practical, yet attractive, screens that not only work together but also complement the overall look and colours of the surrounding building.

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