Are Your Bins Protected?

Are Your Bins Protected?

Let’s face it, outdoor wheelie bins often don’t bring the best fragrances to the yard and, unfortunately, can attract some unwanted guests like insects and rodents. This is not the ideal scenario, especially for establishments like restaurants and schools.

But fear not! We’ve got the perfect solution: introducing the Grasmere Bin Shelter from Able Canopies. We believe in offering shade and shelter for everything, including your bins.

The Grasmere Bin Shelter is a game-changer, keeping your domestic and industrial wheelie bins protected from the elements. No more water-filled bins or unpleasant odours lingering around. It’s a win-win!

Why opt for a bin shelter? Well, besides creating a cleaner and more pleasant outdoor atmosphere, this innovative shelter is equipped with polycarbonate side coverings. That means it’s an excellent choice for areas under the watchful eyes of security personnel or CCTV. You can keep tabs on your bin contents from all angles, ensuring no unwanted interference.

But wait, there’s more! The shelter can be customised to blend seamlessly with your surroundings and be powder coated in any of our standard RAL colours. Want extra security? We’ve got you covered with optional lockable doors for added protection.

Ready to bid farewell to bin-related headaches? Check out our exclusive Grasmere Bin Shelter , designed and manufactured with care by Able Canopies Ltd.

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