Are Your Children Taking Part In The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch?

Are Your Children Taking Part In The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch?

January is here and the annual RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch is coming up. This year is pretty special as it’s the 40th birthday of the event. You and your school can also take part in the annual survey.

The annual bird watch is a great way for you and your children to include outside spaces in your learning. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about our native species, something that children tend to skip, focusing more on the lions, tigers and giraffes they can see at the zoo.

What Do You Need To Do For The Bird Watch?

The bird watch is very simple. All that pupils need to do is look outside and count the number of birds and what types they see at the same time. For instance, if they see three magpies together, they note down three magpies. If they later see two magpies, they don’t add them on. They only change the number if they see a greater number of magpies, at the same time, later on during the survey.

Results can then be shared online with the RSPB.

Is There A Special Schools Event?

Yes, there is also a special schools event which you can now take part in until the 22 February. This works similarly to the Big Garden Bird Watch, but it is done at your school with all your children at the same time.

The number of birds and other animals can then be submitted via the RSPB website by 22 February. The organisation will share the results with your educational setting to show how it has contributed.

The Benefits Of Participating

Participating in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch has lots of great benefits for your school and children. There are lots of worksheets available for participating schools on the RSPB website. Counting the birds is also great for species recognition, which is a fun activity.

Finally, the activity is great for learning to count. As this is a key skill and as most birds won’t be seen in large numbers in school grounds, it can be a useful activity for children to put counting into action. Other skills that can be developed include art and socialisation as children speak about the species they have seen.

Are you going to be participating in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch? Let us know your plans in the comments below.

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