Be prepared – Things to do before you apply for a grant:

Be prepared – Things to do before you apply for a grant:

Be prepared – Things to do before you apply for a grant:1. Know exactly what you want and why
Make sure you have a clear idea of the project that you are requesting funding for. A grant provider will want to see that you will use the money for a specific scheme.

2. Conduct an Audit
When deciding on the funding provider to contact, it is a good idea to conduct an audit of the school’s professional and personal contacts – including staff, parents and governor contacts if you can, to see if any relationships already exist with funding providers or companies/individuals who would like to donate money to the school.

3. Cal them First
Before making your formal application, try calling the funder and asking whether they think your project would be of interest to trustees – however try not to ask too many questions – particularly questions which are already answered on their website as this will show you haven’t done your homework.

4. Think Local
It is a good idea to research local grant providers as well as big ones as local ones may have less competition so you may have more of a chance of getting a share of the money. To get access to these lists contact your local voluntary services council (VSC), this is sometimes has a slightly different name, depending on where you are in the country. Every VSC should also have a development or fundraising officer who can help schools or voluntary organisations complete applications, however you sometimes have to join and pay for this service.

Remember: When making your application, whether it is to a large or small funding provider, make sure you make a strong moral case for why you need the funds. For example, if your school is in an urban area and there is a lack of outdoor spaces for children to access, you could make the case that improving your outdoor area is important to allow children to get as much access to the outdoors as possible, especially as they can’t easily access the outdoors safely outside of school hours.

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