Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Secondary Schools

Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Secondary Schools

The value of outdoor learning and play is widely recognised in early years and primary education, yet it seems to fade into the background once students reach secondary school. However, the benefits of connecting with the outdoors are just as crucial for teenagers, helping them not only maintain but also build upon the skills and connections to nature developed in their younger years. Without these opportunities, they risk losing these valuable attributes and their sense of the world beyond the classroom walls.

Spending all day indoors, fixated on screens, textbooks, and whiteboards, without a breath of fresh air, can leave students feeling drained and lethargic. This environment can lead to irritability, a drop in concentration levels, and a disengaged student body—outcomes no educator aims for.

The outdoors offers remarkable benefits, not just for individual well-being, but also for enhancing learning capabilities. Stress, fatigue, and overall poor health, often linked to insufficient outdoor time, could be mitigated by integrating outdoor learning into secondary education, mirroring its presence in younger educational settings. Direct interaction with the environment provides a deeper understanding of our world than any textbook could ever convey.

Incorporating outdoor learning fosters a connection with nature while simultaneously boosting physical, social, and cognitive development. It offers a dynamic and engaging way to learn, allowing students to enhance both personal and social skills that will serve them for life. Installing a school canopy ensures year-round outdoor access, protecting students from the elements and enriching their learning environment.

Key Advantages of Outdoor Learning in Secondary Education:

  • Promotes physical fitness
  • Enhances focus and attention
  • Improves knowledge retention
  • Fosters a positive life perspective
  • Develops personal and interpersonal skills
  • Boosts physical, social, and cognitive abilities
  • Strengthens the connection with nature

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