Can Children Benefit From Outdoor Reading?

Can Children Benefit From Outdoor Reading?

Outdoor reading, whether under the canopy of a forest school or beneath the shade of a school canopy, offers a unique and enriching experience for students. Here are some key benefits of taking your school’s reading sessions outdoors:

Enhanced Creative Engagement

Outdoor settings can bring stories to life. By acting out scenes or trying activities mentioned in their books, students can immerse themselves more deeply in the narrative. This experiential learning can boost their retention of the story, characters, and key themes.

Connection with Nature

Reading stories set outdoors while being outside can add an extra layer of immersion. The natural elements, like the wind or the sounds of nature, can make the storytelling more memorable and engaging while also helping to maintain high attention levels. Research shows that outdoor learning can lead to improved memory recall, though the setting should be chosen wisely.

Opportunity for Smaller Reading Groups

Outdoor spaces naturally lend themselves to smaller, more intimate reading groups. This setting can increase student engagement and confidence, especially for those who might be hesitant to participate in larger groups. Smaller groups also allow for a better assessment of each student’s comprehension and engagement.

Relaxation Leads to Learning

A relaxed environment is conducive to learning. Being outdoors can not only enhance students’ understanding of their reading material but also positively impact their mental health. This relaxed state can foster improved learning throughout the school day.


Outdoor reading is often depicted in films and literature as a delightful and beneficial activity. Characters are seen reading in gardens, on beaches, or in the woods. By recreating this experience in your school, you offer students not just a better reading experience but also a chance to enhance their overall learning. So why not take advantage of your school’s outdoor spaces and transform them into dynamic reading environments?


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