Canopies for Car or Motorbike Showrooms

Canopies for Car or Motorbike Showrooms

If you are running a retail business that needs outdoor display space such as a car or motorcycle dealership, it’s important to be able to display your vehicles in a comfortable and protected environment. The look of the vehicle is of the utmost importance. If your customers don’t think the car or bike looks great; they won’t buy it. So what can you do? A canopy for your outside display area can be one option for your business. Here are some of the benefits and a product that has worked for our clients.

  1. Keeps The Rain Off

It rains approximately 115 days a year, depending on where you live in the UK. That means for a third of the year; your vehicles can be exposed to rain, which can make them quickly look grimy. You can keep the rain off your vehicles by parking them under a canopy, and if your cars or motorbikes are kept rain-free you are likely to have less washing to do.

This has an additional benefit of saving you money on lost hours to wash vehicles as well as supplies, but the greatest benefit is that your prime vehicles retain a constantly high quality appearance and will draw the attention of your potential customers.

  1. Entices Customers

If your vehicles are undercover, then your customers won’t have to worry about getting wet when they visit your showroom, increasing the likelihood of sales in poor weather. If they are kept dry and comfortable, they will also spend longer looking at your vehicles – increasing your chance of making a sale.

The size of the canopy also draws attention to the vehicle, giving the impression it is worth protecting. Therefore, by placing your top value products under a canopy, you can make it easier to sell them.

  1. UV Protection

Any vehicles on the forecourt in direct sunlight are at risk from UV damage. It is the sun’s UV rays which fade the colour of cars and make them less attractive to customers. Canopies can offer 98% protection from UV rays. Therefore, a canopy can offer you peace of mind that your vehicles are protected from the sun.

Tbowk-motor-group-preston-lancashire-ulveston-umbrella 02 smallhe Ulverston

This product is one of a several in our range that can really help you protect and sell your vehicles. It is made from the best waterproof tensile material and creates a tough structure in an umbrella style; supported by a tubular steel post. The canopy can span as much as six by six metres.

The Ulverston can be installed by our trained teams of expert fitters to suit your exact requirements.

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