3 Ways a Canopy Can Help with Social Distancing

3 Ways a Canopy Can Help with Social Distancing

I’ve been thinking about ways that the human race may change once this pandemic is over and how we will view things differently. I think most of us have decided to appreciate the little things that it turns out are really the big things, and I also think we’ll all be a little more hygiene conscience along with a lot of other things. So, from this, I feel like we may want to keep a little distance from strangers because let’s be honest there’s lots of flu’s and bugs we can catch even when COVID-19 is no longer a threat.

So, it got me thinking that a canopy is a great way to continue social distancing whilst still leaving the house. Here’s why:

1. They provide more useable space all year round
If you are for example a restaurant, you may choose to spread your tables apart a little which will cause you to lose a table or two in the process. However, a canopy ensures that your outside space can be used all year round with the use of outside heaters and lights if necessary. You will be able to offer diners a space to eat outside in the fresh air rather which some may prefer once the government’s social restrictions are lifted.

Canopies for Social Distancing

2. They provide a space for people to queue spaciously
We, the Great British public are famous for how we queue however, admittedly we would always queue a little too close together and I feel that may be coming to an end.

An entrance canopy or walkway canopy provides your visitors with a dry area to queue which saves them from huddling together to gain shelter from your building resulting in a spacious queue for all. Our canopies provide not only shelter from the rain but also a cooling shade from the sun which is much needed on those hot summer days.

Canopies for Social Distancing

3. They create designated areas
To save visitors from wandering around your grounds, entering the wrong buildings or entrances, you can provide entrance canopies with signage to direct customers to the correct areas for their visit. This also stops any unwanted visitors wandering into private areas that are strictly for staff only.

Another benefit of creating a designated area is that it stops visitors or children (if you are a school), from wandering around if they know they are to stay within the vicinity of the canopy. Canopy side fills can help to create a more designated area too.

Canopies for Social Distancing

Virtual Surveys
Have you realised that a canopy may be the perfect solution to help your business, healthcare setting or school to help you adapt to a different lifestyle? We have great news, although we are not able to attend site surveys, we are able to conduct free virtual surveys which are available to all customers.

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