Uses for a canopy – No 1. Sandpit Cover

Uses for a canopy – No 1. Sandpit Cover

Wall Mounted Canopy at St Peter's Catholic Primary School, KentA canopy makes a great outdoor play or classroom area, and they are often also utilised as outdoor eating areas. However there are many other uses for a canopy. A useful one – particularly for Early Years and organisations which have lay areas for young children is using your canopy to protect and shade your sandpit.

Not only will this keep children playing in the sand pit protected from the sun, and keep the sand cool and comfortable to play with, it will also keep the sand pit dry in wet weather, this can allow children to ply in the sand pit in the rain, and also means that it can be used all year round – with no need to wait for the sand to dry out. Furthermore if side fills, or similar barriers are used, then it can also keep it protected from the wind – stopping sand blowing all over the playground.

Many of our customers have had canopies installed by us, over existing permanent sandpits, or they have moved their sand pits under the canopy once it has been installed.

Tarnhow Canopy Installed at Wexham Court Primary School Wexham Primary in Berkshire was one such customer, they had a large sandpit in their playground, which although it had a cover to protect from the rain, there was not cover from the sun, making it harder to protect children from UV rays. We installed a Tarnhow Free Standing Dome canopy over the sand pit, creating an attractive cover solution and due to a layer of UV absorber which is co-extruded onto our polycarbonate roofing panels, the canopy now offers those underneath 99% UV protection. See more about this installation

When considering adding a sandpit to our site, don’t forget to consider the provision of shade and shelter for those who are using it – especially as they are likely to be young children. If you wish to discuss how a canopy can help you to provide protection for your sandpit and other playground accessories please call 0800 389 9072 or email

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