Caring For Your Canopy in Extreme Weather

Caring For Your Canopy in Extreme Weather

The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy in the Snow in 2009It seems like the weather in the UK is becoming a little more extreme each year. There was once a time where we would be lucky to see a small snowfall, yet in the recent years we have been experiencing heavy snow that’s been causing wide spread disruption. That’s why it’s important to be alert & prepared when we have such weather warnings and ensure all outside equipment and structures are safe.

Whilst our canopy structures have been tested, and calculations have been performed, it is important to remove snow from the roof of your canopy as with any other structure you have in place. A build up of heavy snow on your canopy will cause excess strain on the structure and it is therefore advised that the snow is removed regularly. The snow can be easily removed by your care taker or handy man with a long handled broom.

Our customer’s health and safety is of paramount importance to us, please ensure you take the necessary safety precautions when attempting to clear snow from your structure.
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Your canopy can be a valuable asset in the winter by providing extra teaching, eating or seating space or just access to some fresh air – to find out more about how to make the most of your canopy download our free How to… Get the Most out of Your Canopy Guide:

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