Check out our new PVC Rainbow Curtains for your canopy!

Check out our new PVC Rainbow Curtains for your canopy!

We have just added a new canopy accessory to our range that we just know nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools are going to love!

Our PVC Rainbow Curtains feature soft PVC strips that are supplied in different colours to create a rainbow colour effect. They are designed to be installed to the side of your canopy to block additional wind and rain from blowing in under the canopy. They are also a fun alternative to solid polycarbonate side fills that do the same job.

pvc-rainbow-curtains 01 small

Not only do they brighten up your canopy in a cost effective way, but they also create a fun environment to play and learn within, children will love to use the curtains as an entrance and can be integrated within their play times – using the curtain as a stage entrance.

To find out more about our PVC Rainbow Curtains click here or contact us to speak to a member of our friendly sales team.

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