Children Learn Better Outside: Get Undercover

Children Learn Better Outside: Get Undercover

pinkwell-primary-school-middlesex-02coniston 01 smallContinuing from previous entries in our ‘Children Learn Better Outside’ series, we thought we would talk about the importance of cover for your outdoor space and the options available.

We know that playing outdoors is important. It helps children connect with the natural world and provides endless opportunities for creative games and roleplay. Outdoor play can also improve fitness and physical development.

Emotionally, children can also develop better with outdoor play. Children are often less inhibited outside and are more likely to join in a wide range of activities. Research has also found that children outside tend to be less aggressive and more social with others.

However, even with the best outdoor space, some cover is needed.

Cover For Health Benefits

The best outdoor spaces should have a covered area for children and staff to use. One of the reasons for this is that the weather isn’t always great, and without cover, the use of outdoor space is limited.

For instance, during the hot summer months, canopies can be used to protect children from UV rays. During the winter, good cover can offer shelter from the rain and protect the ground from frost or ice.

These features will help your children to continue playing outside safely.

It’s not just canopies that can offer these benefits. Other playschools use tents, sheds, and yurts to create cover in outdoor spaces. These items not only offer cover, but they can also help create a novelty factor and inspire imaginations.

A yurt is also an excellent tool for teaching children about other cultures; diversifying their education and helping them develop into more rounded individuals.


Playing outside is an important part of any child’s development and education. With the right setting, children won’t just have a good early year’s experience; but the grounding for their long-term development.

However, all outdoor spaces should also include covered areas for safety and to extend the use of the space. These can be permanent fixtures such as canopies or sheds or perhaps temporary structures such as tents or yurts.

Do you offer an outdoor space for your children? Is there a covered area?

Let us know in the comments below.

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