Children No Longer Need To Be Crammed

Children No Longer Need To Be Crammed

As schools expand, there is a premium in space. One school in the South-West of England has even taken to putting some children into 63-strong classes. As a result, many feel that children are getting crammed into them.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many schools are aware of the need to provide space for children to play and learn. The learning environment is vital for the success of education. If children feel too crowded or have have a bad environment, then this can reflect in academic accomplishments.

In addition, play space has become premium. Play is as much a learning tool for children as classroom time. It helps them develop physical, emotional and social skills within a safe environment.

However, some schools are having to build on existing play space in order to accommodate more classes. This leads to more students being in an ever shrinking space.

New Premise

Of course one idea is to expand school grounds. Ivydale Primary in London was one such school. Their local authority found them a premises 200 yards away. This allowed them to split their school into two, with years 4-6 on one site and years 3 and under on another site. This allows for students to have more space and feel more relaxed.

Another option is to make use of the space you have. Open classrooms up to encourage outside learning. This has proven to help stimulate creativity and can be a good learning tool. To help protect outside learning areas, you could install school canopies.

Populations increase

The problem will not go away. We still have an expanding population and there is still going to be an increasing demand on school places. Leaders will have to learn how to cope with the new demand for places, service their community and give children all the space they need to learn and play.

Without foresight, however, this could go wrong quickly. Instead, schools need to think, plan and create that space using both new buildings, new land and outdoor spaces so that every child has the potential for a great education.

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