Choosing an Eco-Friendly Canopy Supplier

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Canopy Supplier

The construction sector is under more and more pressure to make environmentally friendly choices and with the governments Net Zero target for 2050, now is the time to make a start, if you haven’t already.

Most construction companies will already be making many eco-swaps including opting for recycled or recyclable materials, reusing materials onsite instead of buying new, and instead of binning surplus supplies, keeping hold of them for future projects. Holding zoom meetings has also become popular as it saves travel and therefore emissions.

An easy action you can take which requires minimal effort is to select suppliers for your projects that are taking sustainable actions. Here at Able Canopies, we’re extremely aware of our impact on the environment and continue to take actions to improve our impact. Last year we managed to reduce our carbon footprint by 29.316 tonnes, this is something we were particularly pleased with.

Tree Planting
We also take actions that directly affect you and your projects positively. One of those is that we now plant two trees for every school canopy order placed. This allows us to offset our emissions whilst also providing homes, food, and habitat for wildlife.

Using Recyclable Materials
Whilst our canopies are built to last, in the rare event of extreme damage the majority of our canopies can be dismantled and recycled. Our most popular canopy The Coniston is an aluminium canopy and aluminium can be recycled indefinitely and features polycarbonate roof panels which are also recyclable.

Our steel canopies also feature recyclable polycarbonate and even though the steel is powder coated, the powder coating can be removed and the steel can then be recycled.

ISO Certifications
For many years we have held the renowned ISO 14001 certification which is for environmental awareness. This means that our systems and procedures have been fully satisfied through an independent and rigorous external audit by the British Assessment Bureau.

So, whilst having multiple suppliers involved in each project can make your eco-friendly efforts more difficult to achieve, if you select companies that are taking eco actions, you will find it much easier.

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