Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Christmas Fundraising Ideas

‘Tis the season for successful fundraising. Planning ahead is the key to making it jingle all the way! If you are looking for a new investment, such as PE equipment, musical instruments, or a new school canopy  getting parents involved in brainstorming is a fantastic way to gauge what events would be a hit with potential visitors.

Below, I’ve listed some Christmas fundraising ideas that have sleighed it in the past for many schools. While it might be a tad late to organise some of these this year, fear not! Keep them in your festive arsenal for next year, giving you plenty of time to tweak and perfect the plans.

Christmas Shopping Trips

As the holiday season approaches, everyone’s in shopping mode! Spice things up by organising a trip to one of the UK’s bustling cities with a renowned Christmas market. Not only is it a fantastic outing, but it requires minimal planning. Find a city, hire a coach, sort out parking, and charge parents for the coach ride, adding a little extra for the PTA funds. Early bird discounts can also be used, so book that coach in advance for a holly jolly outing.

Bingo with a Sweet Twist!

Bingo events are a classic, but why not add a sweet twist to make it even more delightful? Instead of cash, players can win chocolate or sweets, perfect for festive presents and stocking fillers. The beauty of this bingo version is that children can join in, making it more fun and Christmassy!

Christmas Fair

Besides a city trip, you can bring the festive cheer right to your school with a Christmas fair. Reach out to local craft companies and individuals through social media or word of mouth, inviting them to exhibit. Ask parents if they know of potential stallholders and set up a couple of PTA stalls for additional fundraising, like raffles.

So, even if this year’s sleigh has left the station, keep these ideas on your festive radar for a holly, jolly Christmas next year!

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