Breaking News: We Now Offer Coloured Polycarbonate!

Breaking News:  We Now Offer Coloured Polycarbonate!

ullswater-walkway-coloured-polycarbonateWe are ALWAYS getting asked if we offer coloured polycarbonate with our canopies but unfortunately our answer has always been no. This is simply because we couldn’t find a polycarbonate supplier that offered polycarbonate in the colours our customers have been asking for and that had the same high quality and high spec that all of our products have. We will only supply our customers with the best and if we can’t find it, it doesn’t go into our range.

But don’t stop reading just yet! We have finally found a company that can supply us with high quality, non-fragile polycarbonate sheets that are available in 9x colours! I can tell you, this news made my day!

The coloured polycarbonate that we have sourced is 16mm “x” structured and has a Non-Fragility Rating of Class ‘B’ to ACR(M)001:2005, which means it is perfect for use in commercial and education settings such as nurseries, pre-schools, schools and children’s centres.

This vibrant upgrade is available with 10 of our canopies which includes free standing canopies, entrance canopies, timber canopies, wall mounted canopies and covered walkways.

If you already have a canopy quote in progress and would like to ask for a re-quote with our new coloured polycarbonate or if you are a new customer and would like a quotation and free site survey, please contact us today.

tarnhow-mono-free-standing-canopy-coloured-polycarbonateDownload our brochure to see our range of commercial canopies and shelters:

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