Competition Winners are Delighted with their New Able Shade Sail

Competition Winners are Delighted with their New Able Shade Sail

Clare Community Primary School in Suffolk were announced as the lucky winner of our Able Shade Sail Competition.

The prize was a commercial grade shade sail, designed and installed by Able Canopies.

Able Shade Sails give high UV protection from the sun and they are also shower and hail resistant to give additional cover from the weather. The cloth is made using the latest knitting technology which produces a superb quality lock stitched material for commercial strength.

The head teacher of Clare Community Primary School, Mrs Joan Horner, was informed of the schools prize by telephone, however despite several initial spirited attempts by the director of Able Canopies, Mr Mark Wood, to congratulate her, she seemed amusingly convinced that the prize offered was just a typical telesales call. Finally she was won over and became understandably elated by the news.

“We didn’t believe at first that we had won. Initially my secretary refused to put Mr Wood through to me. It is funny to look back now and to think we almost said no to an amazing prize”– Mrs Joan Horner.

Able Canopies asked the school to pick the colour of the shade sail cloth that they wanted, ideally to suit the school and its surroundings.

After much consideration they chose a lime green coloured cloth, which matched some colours they already had at the school. (See the colour options table shown)

Able Canopies team of fitters installed the shade sail during the schools term-time and opening hours. Mrs Horner stated “At Clare Community Primary School it is our priority to make the children safe especially when building work is going on” she continued “with Able Canopies, it was clear that health and safety was their top priority with careful consideration of the children. The fitters were happy to have the children as an audience when working and answered their questions some of which were asked 140 times by different children”.

“With Able Canopies it was clear that health and safety was their top priority” – Mrs Joan Horner

The installation of the canopy took place on 19th May and 23rd June 2008 in a two stage process. Mrs Horner said that after stage one of the installation, when the shade sail posts were put into the ground, the children kept asking what the posts were for. Mrs Horner showed them pictures of other shade sails that Able Canopies had put up, but they were still a little unsure of what it would look like once finished.

The shade sail was erected in the schools ‘quiet zone’. This is an area in the school playground which is sectioned off with wooden fencing and has picnic benches within, which gives the children an opportunity to play quiet games or to just sit and read. The shade sail covers almost half of the ‘quiet zone’ and measures 25 square metres which provides the children sitting underneath with 96% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Mrs Horner said “We are delighted to have won an Able Shade, it looks very attractive in the school playground and we love the colour of it. It really suits the schools surroundings and the children think the shade sail is just wonderful”.

Able Shade Sails Fact:

  • They are a strong, permanent structure, designed to be left out all year round
  • The cloth is made using the latest knitting technology with 370 grams of material per square metre
  • The cloth gives those underneath 96% protection of the suns harmful UV rays
  • Marine grade stainless steel cables are fitted into the edges of the cloth to prevent distortion.

Able Canopies specialise in supply and installing cover from the weather for schools, local authorities, the leisure, hospitality and health care sectors. Able Shade Sails offer almost unlimited design and shape potential and are an aesthetically pleasing structure, which enhance the comfort and safety of children and staff.

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