Discover Fascinating Facts about Glulam Timber

Discover Fascinating Facts about Glulam Timber

If you’re considering a timber canopy for your next project, exploring the cool and educational facts about Glulam timber is essential. These insights can help you make an informed choice between standard timber and curved Glulam timber. Let’s delve into why Glulam timber is an environmentally responsible and stylish option:

Environmentally Friendly: Glulam timber is a sustainable choice. It takes significantly less energy to produce a Glulam timber beam than a standard steel beam, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Economical and Lightweight: Glulam timber is not only eco-friendly but also economical. It’s lighter than similar materials like steel beams, reducing transport emissions. This makes it a cost-effective and environmentally responsible choice.

Chemical Resistant: The combination of timber and synthetic adhesives during manufacturing gives Glulam timber exceptional resistance to chemicals that would typically cause standard timber beams to rot. This durability ensures a longer lifespan for your canopy.

Stylish Design: Glulam timber offers versatility in design. You can choose from curved or straight configurations, allowing you to create attractive canopies and structures with unique and eye-catching designs.

Approved Timber: Glulam timber complies with the requirements of British Standard BS EN 386: 2001, assuring you of its quality and reliability.

Historical Durability: Glulam timber has a rich history. The first recorded Glulam structure in the world dates back to 1860 in Britain, at the assembly hall of King Edward College Southampton. This historical example demonstrates the remarkable durability of Glulam timber.

Impressive Strength: Glulam timber’s strength is exemplified by structures like the Filsa bridge in Norway, constructed from Glulam Timber in 2003. This bridge holds the distinction of being the world’s longest timber bridge designed to support full traffic loads, highlighting the structural integrity of Glulam timber.

When choosing a timber canopy, the eco-friendly and versatile qualities of Glulam timber make it a compelling option. It not only reduces your environmental footprint but also offers durability and style, ensuring your canopy stands the test of time while making a positive impact on the environment.


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