Cool Links Summer 2013!

Cool Links Summer 2013!

As the summer has finally made and appearance (well ,when it feels like it anyway!) I thought it would be a great idea to base this edition of cool links on playing outside and making the most of what nature has to offer with games and activities with no or minimal cost involved.

So there’s no excuse for the little ones to stay indoors this summer – let’s get out there and play play play!

Cool Links - Nature Rocks

Nature Rocks – This website contains some great ideas for playing
outdoors and is perfect for getting children exploring the wonderful world
of nature. With lots of activities, I’m sure you will find something that
your children & their friends will enjoy.


Cool Links - Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust – I personally love the woodland trust website and think
it’s fantastic for ideas and resources for playing outside and learning about
nature in such a fun way that children don’t even realise their learning! Check
out the link for the “big summer challenge” which has 150 free activities for
the summer come rain or shine!


Cool Links - Family Education

Family Education – The family education website has over 100 outdoor
activities for children aged between 6-10 years old. Take yourself back to your
own childhood with games you forgot! An idea you could try out this weekend
could be to use chalk to draw a hopscotch on the ground and play name hopscotch
or why not try something a little different and have a bubble blowing contest.


Cool Links - Crafty Crow

The Crafty Crow – When I first stumbled a across this website I thought it was
great! There are some brilliant crafty ideas that will keep the little ones (and not so
little ones) entertained for hours! particularly love the colour collecting board where
you collect as many leaves, petal etc as possible and lay them out in colour order
– great for sensory and colour identification for the younger ones.

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